Timber rattlesnakes and copperheads are the only poisonous snakes native to Connecticut and are found only in certain areas. They are rare and their bites are rarely fatal unless one is allergic. They will bite only when threatened. It is important to remember nearly all snakes found around the home are perfectly harmless.
Both the black widow spider and far less common brown recluse are poisonous. Their bites are rarely fatal, but again victims may be subject to allergic reactions.
The Connecticut Agricultural Experiment Station, entomology department (203-974-8600), reports seeing only one black widow spider in the last 20 years.
All spider bites are venomous to some degree. People bitten should save the spider and seek emergency help by calling the Poison Control hotline (800-343-2722).
The elderly, children, people with heart conditions, and pregnant women should be wary. Seek medical attention immediately when bitten by a snake, spider or other creature. Call the state DEEP emergency line (860-424-3333) or local wildlife service for more information.