Weston is one of the seven towns in the Norwalk River watershed. The Norwalk River Watershed Association is dedicated to improving the water quality of the river and quality of life in those towns. Some of its projects include river cleanup, habitat restoration, extension and mapping of the Norwalk River Valley Trail System, and septic maintenance education. For more information, visit online at norwalkriver.org or call 203-846-8210. You may also e-mail info@norwalkriver.org.
The Saugatuck River Watershed Partnership is a Nature Conservancy initiative and is a collaboration between the conservancy, the 11 towns in the watershed — including Weston — and stakeholder groups like Aquarion Water Company, Trout Unlimited, and the Department of Energy and Environmental Protection. The partnership’s goal is to protect and enhance the health of the watershed by working collaboratively to link, maintain and restore habitats which support healthy populations representing the natural biological diversity of the watershed system. For more, contact Sally Harold, 203-226-4991, ext. 207, or sharold@tnc.org, or visit nature.org/ourinitiatives, and click on North America, Connecticut, and Places We Protect.