For fiscal year 2011 (July 1, 2010 – June 30, 2011) there were 5,854 police incidents reported, up from 5,250 the previous year. In 2010-11, police made 62 criminal arrests, 52 adults and 10 juveniles. Of the arrests made, there were six for driving under the influence of drugs/alcohol. There were also seven liquor law violations, and seven drug/narcotic violations.

In other crimes, police investigated 27 assaults and/or cases of intimidation, one sex offense, six disorderly conducts, and one pornography case.

Not all police calls in 2010-11 were related to crimes or criminal activity. Alarms took up the bulk of the department’s time, with 1,041 alarm calls reported.

Police responded to 180 motor vehicle accidents and made 423 motor vehicle stops (158 arrests, 221 written warnings issued, 51 verbal warnings issued). They received 632 road/traffic complaints and 257 motor vehicle complaints.

Police investigated a number of thefts, including 11 burglaries, 56 larceny thefts, and two motor vehicle thefts. There were 22 complaints of fraud and one embezzlement investigation.

Police were called out 73 times to investigate vandalism, 23 times for property damage, and 48 times for animal complaints.

There were also 185 reports of suspicious incidents, 109 reports of suspicious vehicles, 87 reports of suspicious persons, and 18 gunshot/hunting complaints.

In 2010-11, the department conducted seven death investigations. There were five missing persons and one runaway reported to the department.

In addition to their own matters, police assisted the fire department 201 times and the Weston Emergency Medical Services 409 times.

Finally, there were seven line of duty injuries reported by Weston police officers in 2010-11.