The Westport-Weston Probate Court, in Westport Town Hall at 110 Myrtle Avenue, Room 100, has served the people in the two towns since it was established in 1835. Judge of Probate is Lisa Wexler, a Westport Republican, elected in the fall of 2013. Judges are elected to a four-year term. The court has jurisdiction over wills and the administration of estates and living trusts. It determines title to real and personal property, may appoint guardians for the developmentally disabled, remove unfit parents as guardians of their children, and grant adoptions and name changes. A short outline of responsibilities is on the court’s web page at For more information, call 203-341-1100. The chief clerk is Shirley A. DeLuca. The Probate Court office is in Room 100 of Westport Town Hall at 110 Myrtle Avenue.