For 2014-15, the public schools’ operating budget totals $47,364,856, a 3.93% increase over the current year’s budget. It was approved by voters this spring with 59% voting “yes,” but voter turnout was very low.

While $130,000 less than originally anticipated, the 2014-15 school operating budget is still $1,789,438 more than the previous budget, a 3.93% increase. Capital budget items include $150,000 for classroom space renovations, $100,000 to upgrade the phone system, $121,000 for window and heating, ventilation and air conditioning improvements at the high school, $84,000 for roof work at the elementary school, $62,000 for classroom door replacement work at the middle school and $25,000 to improve the high school stadium’s field sound system.

The school board’s operating budget for 2013-14 totaled $45,575,418, down $11,774 or 0.03% less than the previous year’s budget. Also, there were nine capital improvement projects approved for the schools, totaling $420,000. The operating budget was $45,520,867 for the 2011-12 school year and for 2012-13, $45,587,192.